How Perfumes Change the Game on Relationship and Business


Perfumes nowadays are becoming vital in people’s everyday lives. One bottle of perfume can somehow become a person’s signature, a name, or even a trademark.


What if there’s a perfume that you can wear to increase your sex appeal and charisma? Or a perfume that you can wear to make someone trust you in just seconds? It really sounds unbelievable, but these perfume really exist, and it’s now in the Philippines!

Success Mall, an e-commerce site that caters inspirational products, just launched two unique perfumes called the Ultra-Magnetic Trust and Ultra-Magnetic Attraction perfumes.

Ultra-Magnetic Trust, one of the bestselling products in Success Mall, is a scientifically engineered perfume that claims to “make one person instantly irresistible and influential to other people”. It is specially made for business purposes, to attract more close deals and increase sales. So how does this happen? What is the scientific explanation behind this amazing product? It’s because of the distinctive ingredient called the Oxytocin.

Scientifically, oxytocin is a peptide hormone discovered by Nobel Prize winner and English pharmacologist Henry Hallet Dale in the year 1906. It is normally produced by paraventricular nucleus of the hypothalamus, a portion part of the human brain, and secreted by neurohypophysis, the posterior lobe of the pituitary gland.

Oxytocin plays a significant role in increasing trust because it basically reduces the fear of social betrayal in human beings. Base on a study, a person finds someone trustworthy after receiving intranasal oxytocin than those who did not.

Ultra-Magnetic Trust’s key ingredient is the amazing oxytocin that helps one person boost his/her confidence, making it a must-have “weapon” for business meeting, social events, public speaking, closing sales and other situations that involve social interactions.

Ultra-Magnetic Attraction fragrance, on the other hand, is also a scientifically engineered pheromone infused perfume that “can increase your charisma and sex appeal”. This eu de parfum is made for people who want to make himself/herself stand out in a crowd and wants to elevate their attractiveness.

Pheromones are basically chemical compounds called hormones but works externally. Humans, just like animals, releases chemical compounds that other humans can sense and respond to it in a form of chemical communication. Pheromones are responsible for body activities like sexual arousal and babies’ crawling toward the odor of their mother’s breast.

According to Tristan Wyatt, author of the “How Animals Communicate via Pheromones”, human behaviors are somehow influenced by unseen smell signals, just like all other animals. Pheromones are secreted or excreted chemical signals that “triggers a social response in members of the same species.” They act as hormones of one individual responsible for impacting the behavior of the receiving individual.

Innovation in perfumes are really amazing nowadays. With these kind of fragrances in the market, everyone will surely get their hands on them just to give it a try because, why not? What if it really works on you, right?

Ultra Magnetic Trust and Attraction perfumes are available both for men and women with different inspired-scents. You can buy these perfumes at You may also order via phone call. Just call Success Mall office at (02) 877 9479 or you may text Ms. Beverly Brillantes, marketing head of Success Mall at 09206806346.



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