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Lavender Lightening Cream & Toner

by Marzan
Beauty Package Whitening
  • Lavender Lightening Cream Type : Cream
  • Capacity : 50ml
  • Suitable for : All skin type, especially to dark skin

Lavender Lightening Cream

  • Lavender whitening cream
  • Complete the clear and bright skin
  • The fifth step of skin care for bright and white skin
  • Whitening functional nourishing cream which gives you confidence with a clear and bright skin
  • Make your skin clean and full of moisture by this moist water drop lightening cream.
  • It is certified for its whitening function from the Korea Food and Drug Administration and has a light texture as a feather.
  • It also lightens your skin by containing 104 kinds of fermented ingredients and Arbutin (a whitening ingredient).
  • This nourishing cream is exclusive for dark and dry skin.

Lavender Lightening Toner​​​​​​​

  • Restoring & whitening toner
  • Certified for its whitening function
  • Intensive whitening toner to make the dark skin tone clear and clean 
  • Brightens the skin healthy and smoothes the uneven skin texture
  • Provides moisture and nutrition to the skin by its fermented ingredients

What's in the box:

  • 1 x Lavender Lightening Cream 1 x Lavender Lightening Toner