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Save 40%

(50 pieces) Ultra-Magnetic AttraX10n Fragrance for Men

by Genius Creation Trading Inc.

Earn PHP 20000 to PHP 30000 before X-MAS!

Apply now as a reseller of our unique perfume! Easy to sell to your prospects and perfect gift idea this coming Christmas! Introducing the Ultra-Magnetic AttraX10n Fragrance, a scientifically engineered PHEROMONE infused perfume that easily multiplies your attractiveness in seconds!

Make your friends 10x more attractive, more appealing, more charismatic and more sociable. Get it for PHP 150 each for a minimum of 50pcs order instead of PHP 349!

Available in five scents: Polo Sport, Cool Water CK1, Happy, Hugo and Jo Malone (Earl Gray) scent for men (5mL good for 1-2 months depending on frequency of use). Order now because we only have limited stock this season.

To order by phone call (02) 877-9479 or text 09206806346. PLS PASS!