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Awesome Ass (Auto-Smash Strategy) The Tinkiest Marketing & Advertising Book Ever

by Dexter Paglinawan
Books E-Book

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WHAT YOU WILL LEARN : Easy Sales Page Template , Awesome Ass Map , Breakthrough Ads Creation , Money Marketing Themes , Smash Marketings 3 walls , Killer Market Selection.

Whether you’re an advertising copywriter, an account executive, marketing director, consultant, salesperson, job hunter, specialist, professional service provider or entrepreneur, Awesome ASS will help you hook and close your prospects, online and offline. Now, you can take the gamble out of marketing and grab advantage, or even dominance in the market place.

You hold in your hands a means of achieving your own success and enjoying the fruits of stinkin’ good marketing. Finally, discover how to develop your own solid ultimate marketing plan. You simply follow an amazing new concept that shows marketing success can be reduced to a formula – a principle based system that never fails.

Automatically smash the three biggest walls that block every marketer’s efforts from gaining breakthrough results: the prospect will not listen, not believe, and not act upon your message. Regardless of your marketing skills, Awesome Auto-Smash Strategy will take you along a road of easy to understand and implement principles and techniques which encourage ever improving thinking and attitude.