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Magic Mug

by Genius Creation Trading Inc.

This amazing mug reveals your favourite success quote when you pour in any hot drink.

  • Hides your favourite success quote
  • Uses heat-and-reveal technology
  • A great trick to show the family
  • Choose from different designs and colors
  • Please note: Photo Magic Mugs are only dishwasher safe on gentle or eco cycle, not on intensive or high temperature cycle

Put a smile on your face with every sip you take from the Magic Mug. Whether you’re at home or at the office, this mug puts a fun new spin on one of your favorite success quotes. As a special touch the 11oz success quotes mug appears solid black until it’s filled with any hot liquid at which point the pictures fully emerge from the bottom up as the mug reaches capacity. This ceramic mug is all white on the inside and has an extra large handle, making it perfect for coffee, tea, hot cocoa or any other warm beverage. This photo coffee mug is also great for milk, soda or a cold drink. Brighten your mornings with a Magic Mug.