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AXIOM NATUR -Healthy Beverages (CHOCO)

by AXIOM Natur Trading Corp
Beverage Wellness
AXIOM NATUR TRADING CORP aspires to provide a healthy line of foods and beverages to everyone that’s not only healthy but affordably delicious as well. Furthermore, people loving its taste will not hesitate to start marketing the products which will cater for an additional or extra income. Whoever wanted to try to promote and sell will surely be inspired by its good taste not to mention the nutrition that one may get from the ingredients of our products. For more info, pls visit our website, www.axiomnatur.com and like our FB business page @axiomnaturtrading. Twitter: @axiomnatur Instagram: axiomnaturtrading. You may also call us at 0917-6284956, 0947-8903368, 0922-8905457 and (02) 975-9982. 

A Delightful Blend of Coffee, Choco and Selected Herbs That`s Affordably Delicious. You can enjoy it anytime of the day and drink it hot, cold, iced or make a frappe from it. It is not only a coffee, but it is a Coffee with natural ingredients that are anti inflammatory, Antioxidants and others. Yuo can even drink it in the afternoon but no worries on sleeping in the evening.


A Refreshing Drink that`s affordably delicious. You can enjoy it anytime of the day iced or not, with a rich red guava taste. This guava juice drink has 5 berries that can only be available as imported products: Acai Berry, Goji Berry, Black Berry, Cranberry, and Blueberry. Aside from the ingredients being rich in vitamin C, You can get additional benefits from the rest of the ingredients.


A Cereal drink mixed with herbs that affordably delicious and can be enjoyed anytime of the day, the instant oats, and psyllium husk and chia seeds are rich in fiber that helps you feeling full until your next meal. It has added vegetables such as squash, okra and malunggay aside from Spirulina, Chlorella, and Mangosteen. Most of all, it has Stevia as sweetener-the natural sugar from leaves.


A creamy chocolate drink blended with herbs that`s affordably delicious. Enjoy it anytime of the day. This great tasting choco drink can be prepared not only as hot drink but also as a could refreshing iced drink or blended drink.