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by E.Z. Medina Publishing Corp.
Books English Book


You can know who you want to be and all you are supposed to have in life, but you must first discover what plans God has for you and what promises support these plans.  You might find it hard to believe amidst the needs and problems you are struggling with, but God does have plans for you–“plans to prosper you and give you hope and a future” (Jeremiah 29:11).  However, God’s prosperity plans can only be realized if you choose to put him first in all you do.  With God in first place, you can succeed.  You can be a millionaire with God.

            The inspirational ideas and practical directives shared with you in this book are based on truths and principles revealed through God’s words as well as on attestations by those who have asked and received plenty.  They are “living seeds” that, when properly cultivated and grown, can create tremendous changes in your life and bless you financially, physically and spiritually.  If you believe in God and act on his blessings, you can expect a miraculous harvest.

            The writing is replete with scriptural passages unfolding the divine plans and promises to prosper you while you are on earth.  As God speaks, hear with your heart and see the dawning of a new close relationship with him.


            Plan ahead and work hard every day to attain prosperity.  Do your best and couple your efforts with prayer and God will do the rest.