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Smart Swab Ear Cleaner

by Genius Creation Trading Inc.
Health Wellness
  • Easy, Safe Ear Wax Removal!
  • Simply place Smart Swab in your ear, twist and remove ear wax…it’s that easy!
  • Typical cotton swabs can go too far… Smart Swabs soft spiral grooved tip is designed to extract wax with a simple twist.
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  • Description :
    1. Size: Length of handle: 100mm,replacement Head length: 33mm.
    2. Material: ABS + Silicone.
    3. Innovative easy earwax removal soft spiral ear cleaner smart swab.
    4. 2.5cm elastic material design, protection of the ears, will not damage the eardrum, safe and reliable.
    5. Compact and easy to use, home and travel is essential.
    6. Configuration 16 soft head, easy to clean, replaced convenienctly.

    Package Included: 

  • 1* Silicone Handle
  • 16* Replacement heads