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Household Package

by Marzan
Conditioner Dishwashing Liquid hand wash Laundry Detergent Shampoo Shower Gel
  • These products can be used for general cleaning purposes, wash clothes
  • Leaving them light and fluffy, kills 99.9% of common germs and bacteria
  • Disinfect all surfaces and clean soiled areas

Deep Fresh Laundry Detergent (For Whites) 1L

  • Can be easily dissolved when compared to powder detergents
  • Does not leave any residues
  • Deeply affects into the fabric of laundries
  • Laundries look as soft and as colored as the first day

Deep Fresh Dishwashing Liquid 

  • Eliminates bad odors and leaves dishes pristine
  • Cares for your hands

Deep Fresh Window Cleaner 500mL

  • Effective glass and multi-surface cleaning.

Deep Fresh Liquid Hand Wash (Kiwi & Melon) 500mL

  • Provides your skin extra moistured and soft, with its special composition

Deep Fresh Liquid Hand Wash (Antibacterial) 500mL

  • Provides pratic and well cleaning

Deep Fresh Shower Gel (Aromatherapy) 330mL

  • Moisturizes your skin, gives freshness and brightness

Deep Fresh 2in1 Shampoo + Conditioner (Menthol) 750mL

  • Leaves no residue on your hair, gives a healthy look

What's in the box:

  • 1 x Deep Fresh Laundry Detergent (For Whites) 1L1 x Deep Fresh Dishwashing Liquid1 x Deep Fresh Window Cleaner 500mL1 x Deep Fresh Liquid Hand Wash (Kiwi & Melon) 500mL1 x Deep Fresh Liquid Hand Wash (Antibacterial) 500mL1 x Deep Fresh Shower Gel (Aromatherapy) 330mL1 x Deep Fresh 2in1 Shampoo + Conditioner (Menthol) 750mL