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Newborn Package

by Marzan
Baby Diaper Bundle Package Shampoo Tissue & Wipes
  • Newborn Package 
    • 100% Brand New and High Quality 
    • Comfy Fabric
    • Recommended Age: 0-6months
      • with Mulivitamins

        A newborn package is filled with basic supplies that a new mother would need to take care her child.

        Elodia Plus Drops 15mL 

        • with Vitamins and Minerals that can facilitate many of the body mechanisms 
        • Vitamins and Minerals

        Deep Fresh Premium Wet Wipes

        • 72 pulls
        • with special antibacterial formula
        • alcohol free
        • with special antibacterial formula
        • cleans, softens and moisturizes the skin

        Comfort Love Diaper

        • 44pcs per pack
        • genuine soft silky tissue of Comfort Love absorbs liquid
        • Anti-leak barrier
        • Fast Absorption System
        • Flexible
        • Re-adjustable Tape
        • Textile Backsheet
        • Fluff pulp
        • Non-woven

        Deep Fresh Baby Shampoo 

        • gently cleans your baby’s hair
        • gives softness and brightness

    What's in the box:

    • 1 x Elodia Plus Drops 15mL 1 x Premium Wet Wipes (Aloe Vera) 1 x Premium Wet Wipes (Olive Oil) 1 x Comfort Love Diaper (Newborn) 1 x Baby Shampoo with Pump 1 x Wet Wipes (Travel Pack)